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: USA, New Jersey, Lawrenceville

: $100.00

I can replace the leather on saddles by Brooks, Wrights, Idéale, etc. I mean the thick, hard stuff, not the thin upholstery leather seen on some padded saddles.

I use two grades of Mexican cowhide leather. Premium Skirting is beautiful stuff, about as thick as what you expect on a Brooks Professional or similar saddle; "Sole bend" leather even heavier. It is awesomely thick, thicker than anything I've ever seen on a Brooks or Idéale saddle, and is very tough. When you hold one of these saddles in your hands you won't realize how thick the leather is because I thin the edges down to about 1/8".

I have a variety of rivets in copper, brass, stainless steel, and aluminum and can reshape them to match the original rivets in size, shape, etc. If your saddle needs an unusual stamp on the skirt, I can replicate it in vector graphics and have a pair of stamps 3D printed.

I ride my saddles. I have ridden over 10,000 miles on saddles I have recovered myself. My goal is to produce a saddle that is as good as new, if not better.

That said, I am a self-trained hobbyist, and still learning. I can't ride all my saddles; so I want to hear back from the rider. If a rivet comes loose, or the leather deforms, or if any problems occur with a saddle I have recovered, I expect to hear about it. And I will want to fix it.
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